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Face to Face
Face to Face

Face to Face

Face to Face back cover

I don't think Face To Face's sleeve belongs in the Top 10 worst. For the time, and for the band, it was a great piece of artwork and was commisioned especially - it did not come off an existing poster. Face to Face (heavily influenced by Duran Duran) were signed by my then boss, Barry Guy. As I say, for the time, it was a beautiful piece of artwork - the airbrushed make-up on the two sleeve faces was eclipsed only by the amount of shtick that the band themselves wore. On the other hand, the back of the sleeve is very dreadful - I remember this well. Again, production deadlines were critical and the band were doing one concert only before the album went into production - we wanted some live shots to show that the band could (yes, they really could) play live. My brother, a photographer at the time, was opted to get live shots of the band at said gig, but got so pissed that he forgot to get his aperture on his camera right. We were left with a dreadful set of photos! to pick from - believe it or not, the ones on the back are the best of a very rotten bunch!


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