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Here are some of my Favourite Links

NOT THE MIDNIGHT MASS FAN SITE My own fan site dedicated to South Africa's Premier Acapella Group.

Brian Currin's hugely informative, evergrowing site dedicated to the legends of South African rock.

Sister site to The South African Rock Lists Site run by Stephen "Sugar" Segerman.

THE SOUTH AFRICAN TOP 20 A site run by Brian Currin (again) which lists all the artist who cracked the South African top 20 from 1969 to 1989 as well as facts and figures about the charts.

Buy SA music on-line at this site exclusively dedicated to local music, perfect for ex-pats.

A TO Z OF SA ARTISTS A directory of links to SA artists' Webpages run by René Mullenders

Gemm is a conglomeration of a large number of record shops all over the world. Giving you access to a huge database of rareities and collectables, including some old SA stuff.

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