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Sharon Tandy Live at the 100 Club 19 February 2004

The 100 Club is one of London's leading clubs and has played host to such luminaries as The White Stripes, Sinead O Connor, The Rolling Stones and SA's very own Hugh Masekela. To this list we can now add someone who has not appeared on stage for a few decades and yet still managed to draw a large crowd that was alive with excitement and drenched in expectation.

It was about 9:30 that the band struck up with a couple of driving soul numbers and were then joined by the diminutive Tandy to a rapturous reception. The smile on Sharon's face could have lit up a small town and did not once dim throughout the show. It was obvious to see that she was a ball of nervous excitement to such an extent that I was worried that she may be too hyped up to sing. However, my doubts were very quickly flattened as the big clear voice burst forth in an avalanche of gusto and unabashed joy at being set free.

In the 50-odd minutes that the show lasted, Sharon simply radiated enjoyment, absolutely loving the opportunity to be singing again. Her voice perhaps richer and fuller despite the years, she looked quite stunning in a fitting black number. The band were tight and played as much a part in the night's entertainment as the main attraction as they drove a path through the material on the recently-released 'You've Gotta Believe it's... Sharon Tandy'.

This was a quite special night, not just for the historic significance of the event but also for the sheer quality of the performance. For someone who hasn't performed live for possibly more years than I've been alive this gig just highlighted what a natural Sharon is and although the world has lost out on 40-odd years of this brilliant performer, those of us who were privileged enough to be there on Thursday night have a memory that will last us for another 40 years, but hopefully we don't have to wait that long for the next one.

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